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Welcome to Lexington Animal Hospital

Opened by Dr. Orange in 1970, Lexington Animal hospital has been serving the pet owner community ever since. Over the decades, Lexington has helped countless animals and their owners to enjoy a long and healthy friendship.  Our wonderful staff and caring doctors provide a number of services from routine procedures to emergent care and surgery. The team at Lexington Animal Hospital believes that no animal should be destroyed for want of a home and that each and every animal deserves the best care possible. Our staff is ready to answer questions and make owning a pet the rewarding companionship it should be! It is our business to keep your best friend healthy and welcome you to join the family at Lexington Animal Hospital.





    Adopt Us!!
    We have lots of kitties and cats here for adoption at Lexington! Don't miss your chance to adopt one of these loveable fur balls today! ...
    Norton and Trixie
    The newest addition to the Lexington Animal Hospital! Norton is a handsome male tabby and Trixie is a beautiful black female. They are going to be up for adoption in a few weeks! Let us know if you or someone you know is interested! ...
    Keeping Your Pups Cool is a Priority!
    Dogs can overheat just from a few minutes outside on a hot day or inside a hot car. If your dog looks lethargic, is panting and/or having trouble breathing call the Animal Hospital right away! You can make sure your doggie stays cool if you notice any of these signs by spraying them down ...
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